Top 3 Signs That Your Home Needs New Siding

How can you tell it’s time to replace your siding? Sometimes it’s obvious, like when there’s extensive rot or other clear signs of widespread damage. But in other cases the signs are more subtle. In today’s post, local siding and roofing company Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ discusses not-so-obvious signs that indicate you need to replace your siding. 

Top 3 Signs That Your Home Needs New Siding

Impact Damage

Siding is as vulnerable to impact damage like the rest of your home’s exterior, which means if your roof was damaged by hailstones or fallen trees, your siding likely was too. Some types of siding become brittle as they approach the end of their service lives. If sections of the exterior wall are easily damaged by minor impact, then the rest of the siding probably is in the same condition and will have to be replaced. Consider replacing your old siding with a product that features better impact resistance.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by several species of fungi (the most common of which is Serpula incrassata) that digest wood cells and spread microscopic root-like strands into wood fibers. Over time, affected wood parts turn brittle, resulting in crumbling, splitting and cracking. Homes with wood siding are vulnerable to dry rot, particularly those that have not been properly maintained.

You can check for dry rot by gently but firmly tapping your siding using a large screwdriver or a similar tool. If pieces of dark brown wood fall out, it means dry rot has already set in. Call a siding and roof replacement contractor for further inspections.

Frequent Repainting

Wood and unfinished composites when used as siding usually require a new coat of paint every few years or so. Peeling, cracking or blistering are signs that the siding needs to be repainted. If your siding shows these signs as often as every year, the material may have been scraped and repainted too often, meaning the primer can’t stick to the surface any longer. Consider low-maintenance materials like fiber cement or vinyl when replacing your siding. Not only are they easy to clean and maintain, their colors and finishes are typically warranted for years.

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