Signs That You Need New Siding

Your siding is constantly exposed to the elements, so it should no longer come as a surprise if the material becomes battered and ineffective at a certain point. If your siding has degraded or been damaged, it’s definitely time to replace it. Much like roof damage, siding damage can only get worse and compromise your home, so you should act fast and replace the material immediately.

Signs That You Need New Siding

Here are some telltale signs that will let you know your siding is up for replacement:

Dry Rot

This is a common problem in wood siding, and it is caused by moisture buildup in the material. Dry rot can ruin the appearance of your siding and really impact your home’s curb appeal. But apart from affecting the aesthetic of your exterior, rot can also weaken your siding and make it ineffective in shielding your home against the elements.


Cracks are the gateway for water to penetrate the underlayment of your siding. Leaving them unaddressed can lead to more serious problems. If only a few areas of your siding have cracks, you can simply replace those affected parts. But if the damage is extensive and can be found around the entire home, you should consider replacing the entire siding. Like a new roof, new siding can offer maximum protection for your home.

Bubbling or Blisters

This usually happens when the siding is exposed to excessive heat or moisture. When you notice bubbling or blisters on your siding, you should call a reputable contractor to identify the cause of the problem and help you prevent it from recurring. Make sure to have the affected areas replaced too.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can show as chipping, denting, and/or cracking. So if you notice these issues after a hailstorm, contact a siding professional to check on the extent of damage and have your siding replaced. Hail damage can reduce the ability of your siding to protect your home against the elements, so it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible.

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