Siding Terms to Learn Before You Start Your Project

Planning your siding project can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the terms used to refer to various siding components. This can affect how you communicate with your contractor and result in dissatisfaction with the results. 

Siding Terms To Learn Before You Start Your Project

To help you avoid confusion and ensure better communication with your contractor, here’s a list of some basic siding terms you should know.


Battens are wooden strips that seal joints in wood siding. These are often part of a “board and batten” siding system wherein the latter is used to fill gaps between siding boards.


It refers to the bottom part of a panel that installers lock into a previously installed panel.

J-Channel Molding

It refers to a J-shaped trim that is added to finish the edges of the siding.

F-Channel Molding

It serves the same function as J-channel molding. However, F-channel molding is used specifically to trim siding that is installed at a 90-degree angle. 


It is a decorative band used to connect the top of the siding to the soffit.


It is a shorter term for “overlap”. When one panel overlaps another, it is referred to as a lap joint. Laps are essential because they conceal the nails that fasten the siding to your home’s exterior.


It refers to a tool that creates a perfect 90-degree level between 2 objects. It is also the term for the measurement of an object that is exactly 90 degrees from a level, horizontal surface. Contractors ensure that the siding is plumb to the exterior wall. Otherwise, the siding will look crooked.

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