Winter Roofing Threats You Can’t Ignore

Every season introduces some challenges to the exterior of your home, particularly the roof. Winter is particularly harsh in terms of threats of water damage and energy wastage. When you get a roof replacement, ask your contractor about the dangers of winter for your roofing system.

Winter Roofing Threats You Can’t Ignore

Ice Dam Formation

This is a common problem in areas where temperatures drop to freezing and snow and ice are a regular winter occurrence. It only means that most homes have poor attic ventilation and insulation. Poor ventilation means hot air is unable to escape from under your roof. As heat naturally rises, it can become trapped especially under the ridge area. This melts snow more quickly, so it flows down to the colder edges, where the water refreezes, forming ice dams.

Ice dams force water to back up and seep beneath the shingles. They also add weight to the roof’s structure. It’s important to keep attic vents open and functioning at all times. Think about adding attic insulation, as well.


It’s not just the outside of your roof that you have to worry about. You should also be concerned about the interior. If condensation forms on the underside of the roof, it might freeze until a warm snap melts it, leading to water dripping all over your attic insulation, on your ceiling, and down your walls. This might lead you to think there’s a leak in your roof.

Rising warm air turns to moisture when it hits the cold roof deck. To prevent this from happening, make sure your attic is adequately insulated and ventilated. Do not let your humidifier make your indoor air too humid, either.

Pooling Water

Ice and snowmelt to soak your roof many times over. This is especially true if there are ice dams. Make sure your underlayment is of high quality when you hire a roofing company to replace your roof. This can protect your roof from water penetration. If your roof has pooling problems, talk to your contractor about fixing the issue. Water getting into cracks and crevices and refreezing will lead to bigger openings.

Sagging Roof

This is one of the most dangerous roofing problems. If the snow and ice become too heavy for the roof, your roof might collapse. If the sagging is minor, your contractor can fix it. But if it’s a major problem, your contractor is likely to recommend a roof replacement. 

Sagging can be due to weak supports or an old roof. Either way, it’s a good idea to call a professional to fix the problem. This is not a DIY job.

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