Why Is a Metal Roof Better for Your Commercial Property?

Out of all the materials available for commercial roofing systems, standing seam metal is perhaps the best. Read on as Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ , a top local roofer, weighs the reasons so many commercial property owners are switching to metal roofing systems.

Why Is A Metal Roof Better For Your Commercial Property?

Energy Efficiency

While durability and ease of maintenance help keep long-term costs down, a well-built roofing system also helps conserve energy and generate big energy savings on your commercial property. A standing-seam roof system can result in energy savings of up to 40%. Excellent energy efficiency in buildings and commercial properties is not just desirable but also mandatory in some areas with more stringent energy codes. A standing seam metal roof can help you achieve this.

Better Life Expectancy

A typical metal roof replacement has an expected service life of 40 years, versus 23 years for asphalt and 20 for single-ply. A recent study placed the life-cycle cost of metal roofs at around 30 cents per square foot per year, compared with 37 cents for asphalt and 57 cents for single-ply based on their expected service life. This means you’ll only be spending around 3.5% of total installed costs for maintenance on a metal roof compared to about 28.5% for asphalt and 19% for single-ply over the course of the expected lifespan of the roof.

Increase in Property Value

Metal roofs that conserve energy can also help commercial properties command higher rents and selling prices. Energy-efficient buildings truly carry economic advantages, from longevity and reliable weather protection to operational savings, energy code compliance, enhanced indoor comfort and reduced carbon emissions.

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