Why Have Your Roof Inspected Before Selling Your Home?

First impressions last. That’s why your home’s curb appeal can help you clinch a property sale. If you’re planning to revamp your exterior, we recommend starting with your roof, the second largest part of your exterior. However, before making a few minor upgrades to your roof, it’s highly recommended that you schedule a roof inspection. 

Aside from the usual practical reasons (like fixing hidden roofing damage to increase your home’s property value), why do you need to schedule a roof inspection before selling your home? 

Why Have Your Roof Inspected Before Selling Your Home

It’s a Goodwill Gesture That Might Help You Stand Out in a Competitive Property Market 

Scheduling a roof inspection is a gesture of goodwill that shows you’re willing to go above and beyond to assure prospective buyers. It helps put them at ease by showing you’re upfront about your property. 

It Can Help You Negotiate a Better Price 

At the negotiating table, details such as your roof’s remaining lifespan can help you clinch a better deal. The more you know about the current condition of your roof, the more leverage you have in negotiations. For instance, if you can give details such as the remaining estimated lifespan of your roof or the estimated value of your new roof, prospective sellers might be willing to negotiate on their final offer. 

Roof Inspections Can Detect Issues That General Home Inspections Couldn’t 

What if you already scheduled a general home inspection? Do you still need to schedule a roof inspection? The problem with general home inspections is that they might not be comprehensive or detailed enough to detect structural issues in your roof. That’s why a roof inspection is still highly recommended. 

One more thing: To make sure hidden roofing issues are detected, you should hire an experienced contractor. 

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