What You Should Be Aware of When Filing a Storm Damage Claim

You might not think much about your homeowner’s insurance except whenever you pay the bill once it comes due once a year. And although you may never have to use it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the conditions of your policy and the scope of the coverage it can provide. As such, it helps to understand the policy and the conditions that come with it. 

Storm Damage Claim

Knowing what your policy can cover will especially be helpful when your home suffers unexpected roof damage. Here are a few other things you should be aware of when you file a storm damage claim:

Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are shady in how they do their job and hardly put their client’s interests and concerns in mind. They ignore local reputation, quality of installation or even selection of good quality materials, doing only subpar work and then immediately moving to the next storm area before the homeowners notice that the repairs weren’t done professionally. 

Storm chasers are disreputable out-of-state roofers and representatives that typically go to areas recently hit by severe weather looking for a quick profit. They do this by evaluating storms throughout the country and dispatching sales teams to affected areas. They’re never a good choice to address your roofing issues, which is why you should go for locally trusted contractors instead, especially when you need a new roof as soon as possible.

Strict Deadlines

Depending on your policy, it may state that you have at least 14 days to file a claim after a natural event caused damage to your roof. This means that after severe weather, you should get your property inspected for damage as soon as it passes your area and make a claim as soon as possible. If you think your roof is mostly intact but only make a claim a few months later once the roof starts to leak, you’ll most likely end up shouldering the repair and replacement costs on your own.

Routine Maintenance

You need to expect that your insurance company can make a convincing case especially if they find certain roofing damage was caused by lack of maintenance. When they do this, they’ll have grounds to refuse to approve your claim. To avoid this, make sure to schedule regular maintenance checks and keep records of each to show as proof later on when filing a damage claim.

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