What Goes Into a Successful Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofs are durable and have a longer lifespan than many other roofing materials. However, the quality of your metal roof will only be as good as the quality of the installation. To make sure your metal roof is properly installed, you need to work with trusted and competent roofing professionals who have plenty of experience installing metal roofs.

What Goes Into A Successful Metal Roof Installation

Calculating the Appropriate Slope for Your Metal Roof

Part of ensuring a successful metal roofing installation is determining the appropriate slope for your home. Metal roofing needs to be applied at the correct slope to ensure its ability to shed water. Any errors calculating the slope can make your home vulnerable to water damage.

Adequate Knowledge and Training

Failures involving metal roofing systems are often the result of workmanship errors and improper design. Not all  new roof contractors have the skills and experience to properly install a metal roof. Hiring a professional who has a demonstrated track record of successful metal roof installations will help reduce the chance of mistakes being made during your project.

Proper Waterproofing   

When a professional contractor waterproofs a metal roof, they must consider the roof load, treatment of standing water and sealing seams, penetrations and fasteners. They must know that waterproofing at seams needs to increase in roofing systems where the metal panels are adjoined with double folds as opposed to metal seams with only lapped seams.

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