What Factors Affect the Cost of a Roofing Project?

When your roof sustains damage, you’ll need to contact a professional roofer to address the problem. The first question most homeowners have at this point is: how much will it cost me? In today’s post, we discuss the factors that determine the cost of a roof repair or replacement project.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Roofing Project?

The Type of Roof You Currently Have

The cost of removing your old roof alone depends on the labor needed, the amount of time it takes, and other fees such as the cost to dispose of the roofing material, which is typically determined by its weight. The heavier the material or the more there is of it, the longer it takes to remove your old roof and the more it costs of debris to dispose of properly.

The type of roof replacement material you’ll use is also a factor that adds up to your roofing project. The price of the roofing product being used will also impact the visual design, weight, durability and overall lifespan of your new roof. Make sure to consult with your hired roofing contractor to know which type of material best suits your roof and your budget.

Type of Roof Warranty

Before you start your roofing project, you need to know that there are differences between a standard roofing warranty, an extended or no-dollar-limit (NDL) warranty which is backed by the manufacturer, and workmanship guarantees provided by a roofing contractor for labor. A better warranty generally means better product quality and service, which can translate to higher costs overall.

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