The Most Vulnerable Parts of a Roof

Some parts of your roof are more vulnerable to wear and tear than others. In today’s post, local roofing company Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ takes a look at the most vulnerable parts of a roof and shares how you can keep them in good shape.

The Most Vulnerable Parts Of A Roof

Roof Edges

High winds and updrafts can both damage your roof’s edge. The roof edge is the first thing that high-speed winds hit, which causes the kind of damage that most people are familiar with, like lifted shingles. An updraft happens when high winds hit an exterior wall, creating pressure that causes the wind to change direction. It then hits the underside of the roof edges where the soffits are. If you have a poorly-reinforced roof, this could result in uplift, tearing off the roof.

Your roofer can help prevent damage to the roof edges by installing shingles that are designed for wind damage resistance. Starter strips can help with this. With fewer breaks in the first row of shingles, they can help reduce your roof’s vulnerability to wind damage.


Flashing is the protective material that covers breaks in the roofing plane, such as valleys or where the roof meets a wall. Flashing may get dislodged by high speed winds or fastener or sealant failure, which can result in water intrusion in the breaks in the roof. Fortunately, flashing can be easily replaced by a roofing professional. This underlines the importance of regular roofing inspections, because the sooner you find problems like loose or missing flashing and have them repaired, the lower the chances of a leak forming when it rains.

Chimneys and Vent Pipes

Chimneys and vent pipes are installations that penetrate the roofing plane. Like roof valleys, the point where they meet the roof is vulnerable to leaks. This is why cone-shaped rubber boots are installed at the base. They’re similar in function to flashing; however, unlike flashing — which is typically made of metal — rubber boots turn brittle through continuous exposure to UV radiation and will need to be replaced periodically.

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