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The weather can be a fickle mistress in Massachusetts regardless where you live. This is one of the most important reasons why getting the best materials to use in your roof can be crucial to the safety of your home. Be sure to ask your contractors about the best materials to use. To give you an idea, here some a few of the hardiest roofing materials you can use.


This type of material is said to be able to last more than a hundred years. In fact, some of the slate roofs built back in the time of Shakespeare are still around today. However, adequate roof reinforcements should be used since these are basically stone sheets laid out on your roof.

Metal Roofing:

Just a couple of decades ago, tin roofing was very common site in many homes across the country. However, some people may consider this a dated look and more often than not; metal roofing is  associated with unsightly warehouses and other industrial facilities. However, recent updates in terms of trends and style have breathed new life into this tried and tested roofing material. Ask any reputable contractor and they can tell you that metal roofs are making a big comeback.

Back in the day, tin was often used in manufacturing roofing materials which is why some people refer to metal roofing as tin roofs. While tin is still available in some roofing materials today, galvanized steel is much more popular and with good reason. For one, galvanized steel is affordable and durable. These materials are often coated with zinc to keep them free from rust and corrosion. These days, modern advances in technology and material sourcing have also brought about a slew of new metal roofing materials like aluminum, copper and zinc. Aluminum roofs are preferred by many roofers since they tend to reflect heat better than other types of metal roofing materials. They are also lighter and easier to install.

For the ultimate in terms of durability and longevity, copper and zinc roofing materials are preferred by most. While they are more expensive compared to the other options, they are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. In fact, copper and zinc roofing materials are said to be able to last a lifetime or more. While the costs may be a bit higher, you can rest assured that you are making an investment that you will be able to pass on to your children and hopefully, your grandchildren as well.

Metal Roofing can last up to 5 decades. This is not surprising since metal is a very strong material. However, less experienced contractors may have difficulty dealing with this type of material.

Composite Shingles:

Like metal roofing, this type of material can also last up to 5 decades. However, this can depend entirely on the manufacturer that you pick. Materials from lower quality manufacturers can only last for 15 years.

Spanish Tiles:

While these are more popular in the south, there are many homeowners in Massachusetts who have also opted for Spanish tiles. These tiles can last up to a hundred years. In fact, you will see some really old homes with their roofing still intact if you go around Latin America on vacation.

After reading this article it may be time to visit your local roofing and home exterior store and select the right covering for your home.

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