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Effective Ways of Keeping Your Home Cool During Summer

With summer coming up it is a necessity for you and your family to find ways to cool yourself from the punishing summer heat. During summertime, your home temperature will definitely increase that will likely prompt you to crank up your fan or air conditioning unit. As a result of such energy-intensive lifestyle, your energy bill will likely double or significantly increase.

Such experience is indeed a sad reality, especially that such experience might happen again in the next hot season of your area. However, there is no need for you to greatly depend on any cooling system unit to cool or refresh your home. If you will be keen enough to make some research and apply some changes in your home, you could actually make your home a cool place to stay during summer. To help you with such challenge, listed below are some of the effective tips for you to follow.

Put Shades on Your Windows

Believe it or not, by simply putting some shade on your window, you will drastically decrease the heat inside your home. There is a number of ways to shade your windows from that heat of the sun and achieve a cooler home temperature without the use of an AC unit.

There are many ways on how you may increase or add shade to your window. Perhaps the most convenient method is by simply adding a pair of thick blinds or curtains. An automated blind added to your window is an effective way of keeping your house cool, especially during summer. Similarly, other window treatment options, such as tinting will also help you achieve such effect.

However, if you want to do it the natural way, you may simply try planting some trees around your house. Although such approach may take time, it will definitely be cost-effective, much pleasing to the eyes, and eco-friendly.

Properly Insulate Your Home

You might think that insulating your home is counter-intuitive in attaining a much cooler home. However, insulation is not only intended to keep your house warm, it is also intended to prevent cool air inside your house from escaping. Even though the weather in Massachusetts is not as harsh as other cities, it is still important to find effective way to keep your home cool when the temperature rises in the summer time.

Similarly, by adding proper insulation to your home exteriors, you may properly manage the heat transfer or even deflect significant amount of sunlight away from your property. Materials such as batt insulation, rigid foam boards, and spray foam are ideal and effective tools for regulating your home’s indoor temperature. Another great way to keep your home home cool in the summer and regulate the temperature year round would be by installing a Roof Vent.

Change Your Lights

You might still feel extremely warm during the night even without the presence of the sun because of the lightings installed in your home. If you want to minimize the heat inside your home during night, it would be best to replace your current incandescent lights, for such lighting material give off a significant amount of heat. Instead, try using LED lights that will keep your home cool while being energy efficient at the same time.

The ones you just have read are some of the many methods on how to keep your home cool during summer. Although the list is non-comprehensive, it is in itself the easiest and most convenient way to immediately temper down the temperature inside your home.

If you need a way to keep your home cool, call your local roofing contractor in Plymouth, MA –  Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​, and we can walk you through the various ways that we provide that you can use to keep your home cool and stay cool not only in the summer, but year round. Aside from that you may also consult us for property improvement services including but not limited to siding, fence, or gutter services.

You can also check out this video for more ideas on keeping your home cool in the summer time.

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