Best Practices on How To Install Shingles | Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.

Basic Steps Involved in Installing Shingles on Your Roof

The steps involved in replacing the shingles on your roof may be confusing, if not overwhelming for you. A shingle replacement procedure is one of the most common response when the need for roof replacement arises. With proper know-how, you may be able to overcome the challenges involved in installing new shingles or replacing the old ones.

Best Practices On How To Install Shingles | Mass-Tech Roofing And Building Co.

The methods involved in shingling your roof is fairly easy to understand. Some homeowners may try to DIY while other prefer to use a professional contractor. Whether you need help with Metal, Slate or Asphalt Shingles, it is always important to do research or ask your contractor about the process that your roof will be undergoing.

Here are some of the basic steps to remember when completing a roof shingling project.


If you will have to replace more than one layer of old or damaged shingles, you need to tear off the old layer of sheathing and shingles. After you have properly disposed of the sheathing and the shingles, you should start your work from the top ridge way down, by removing all the old nails. If you notice any damages to the roof boards beneath, attend to them by replacing any warped or damaged wood.


There is a need for you to protect your roof with sheathing before you start laying down the roof shingles. Serving as a moisture barrier, you will have to roll out a single layer of tar paper or roofing felt. Start the process from the bottom of the roof, while adding it in horizontal rows. You should maintain a slight overlap in order to avoid potential leaks that may lead to other costly damages to your roof and home structure.

You should put in mind that you should not lay down the entire layer of sheathing at once, the most convenient and effective way to do it is by laying the layer of sheathing gradually above the finished row of shingles. Lastly, with the use galvanized nails, attach the sheathing, while not forgetting to use a double layer when reaching the top Ridgeline.


In the valley portion of your roof, or the place where sections of the roof will join, add a sheet of thin metal flashing. Similarly, you should apply flashings around your chimney, vents, and any other areas or obstructions where water may seep through. For you to easily install flashings, you may use tin snips to cut the metal to the desired size and shape.


When the time comes for your shingle installation, you should remember to allow about an inch to clear the edges of your roof. This would mean that the process of shingling should start at the bottom of your roof. Before nailing the shingles, you should first lay an entire row in order to see whether they are perfectly aligned. In order for vertical cutouts not to line up, try offsetting the rows. Then you should try to lay the shingles down in order for the bottom edge to overlap the vertical cutouts.

Since you are working from the bottom, slowly work your way up to the roof. For you to avoid mistakes, it would be simpler to use chalk line across the roof, for it will help you keep your shingle rows straight.


When you have reached the top of the roof, use ridge caps to finish the ridge of the roof. You should see to it, that the ridge caps you will buy will match your shingles on the rows below the ridge. Avoid cutting up ordinary shingles in order to make your own ridge caps. In using the ridge caps, straight from the edge your roof going to the middle on both sides.

Those listed above are some of the basic steps that you should do when shingling your roof. However, since this task will likely be complex, especially if it will involve a total roof replacement, it is highly advised that you contact experienced roofing experts for help. This will not only make the process more efficient, but it will also lead to the achievement of your desired result and your safety.

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