Important Documents to Keep In Your Commercial Roofing File

Record-keeping is one of your most important responsibilities as a commercial property owner or manager. Records related to your roof must be kept safe, and, more importantly, should be easy to find when needed. In today’s post, local roofing company Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​. shares the documents you need to keep in your roofing file.

Important Documents To Keep In Your Commercial Roofing File

Build Documents

Build documents are documents that contain information relevant to roofing installation. This may include bids and quotations, as well as the installation contract. The bill of materials is an important document, as it lists what the roof was made of. If you’re performing cost analysis, trying to study causes of roofing failure, or if you need to order materials that match the original roof, this is the document that you’ll be referring to.

Other documents that should be in your build documents folder are permits and other documentation related to building codes. If any issues arise related to code compliance, this is a reference you and your roofer will need to have on hand. Additionally, documents that pertain to equipment installed on the roof, including HVAC and exhaust systems, should be included here.

Repair and Maintenance Records

Roof maintenance records are needed when planning annual maintenance expenses and are another essential type of documentation that you’d need for roof failure analysis. Your roof maintenance folder should include memos, contracts and agreements. It can also help you keep an eye on the roof’s condition and alert you to potential issues based on the repairs performed within a year’s time.

Keep historical records of your commercial roof in digital form on cloud-based storage. These records can be useful when you’re analyzing building wear and tear patterns. Data needed for this type of analysis can span decades. The more data you have on hand, the more accurate the findings will be.

Warranty Information

Standard warranty documentation should explicitly state dates of coverage, exceptions and other terms and conditions. It should also indicate what type of coverage you have: a no-dollar-limit (NDL) coverage is vastly different from “membrane-only” coverage. Installation or workmanship coverage should likewise be documented.

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