How to Fix Different Levels of Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial roof systems are designed for long-term performance. However, no roof is invincible, and over time your commercial roof may sustain damage. Fortunately, there are various ways to fix commercial roof damage, depending on the extent of damage, the overall condition of the roof and other factors.

How To Fix Different Levels Of Commercial Roof Damage

Read on to learn more about the solutions to different levels of commercial roof damage.


Generally, if the roof still has a high degree of insulation and thermal efficiency, there’s a good chance that a repair could work. If the roof membrane is in good condition, you can opt for roof repair when dealing with minor damage such as cracks in intermittent spots.


If the roof has visible damage like cracks and consistent leakages that can’t be fixed through one-time repairs or a re-cover, it would be best to install a new roof instead. Roof replacement is the best long-term solution.


Re-covering is usually the ideal solution in cases wherein the roof is still in good condition and has good insulation but the membrane is damaged. In such a situation, a roofer can simply install another membrane on top if the roof has only one membrane to begin with. This eliminates the need for repair or replacement, which can be more costly upfront. However, keep in mind that re-covering can only be done once.


Coating is also a good way to extend the life of commercial roofing. It offers extra protection against leaks, and it can help improve the appearance of your property. Reflective coating is a good option to consider if you’re aiming for energy savings. This type of roof coating reflects heat and UV rays away from the roof. It can protect the roof from UV damage and help cool your building.

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