How Roof Flashing Fails

Have you recently called your roofer to have a roof flashing installed? This material is designed to direct water away from the leak-prone areas towards gutters or off the roof. Normally, it is made of corrosion-resistant sheet metals and a variety of composites. As it is placed to prevent leaks, if you still notice water dripping from your ceiling, your flashing must have defects. Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ shares probable reasons why this occurred: 

How Roof Flashing Fails

1. Loose Flashing

It can be noted that when a home has foundation problems, cracks are not always readily seen. It’s because these cracks may be tiny stress fractures in the home’s foundation as a result of settling. This causes the flashing to become loose.  Should you notice your roof flashing pulling away, it is highly likely you immediately need to call for experts.

2. Wrinkled Flashing

Wrinkling is caused by the impact of changes in temperature. It can cause extreme warping through contraction and expansion of roofing materials. As the metal begins to wrinkle, its length shortens. This exposes roof parts that need to be covered.  When this happens, water will then enter the roofing system and damage your home. 

3. Improper Repairs or Poor Installation

When the original roof specs are unavailable during a roof repair, flashing failure may occur. Remember that a credible professional from a roofing company should be able to draft plans that will protect your roof along the way.

Moreover, flashing installation isn’t encouraged to be a DIY project. It’s always better to call for a trained expert who is also licensed and is experienced in roofing works. 

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