How Do You Know if Your Commercial Roof Has Damage?

Keeping your roof in good shape must be on your list of priorities as a property owner or manager. Regular visual inspections can help you catch small issues that could later become expensive repairs. Roof leaks can also cause inconvenience to the occupants of your building and potentially compromise other parts of its structure. If you suspect damage, contact a professional roofer right away to have it fixed. 

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Here are common signs of damage on commercial roofing systems. 

Flashing Damage

Professionals install flashing around roof protrusions because they are prone to leaks. Once this protective piece of metal loosens or gets damaged, water could penetrate through the roof seams. Usually, flashing damage only requires a quick repair if detected early. 

Surface Cracks and Tears

Cracks and tears are common in aging commercial roofing systems. They can allow water to infiltrate and damage the materials underneath. Call a reputable roofing company as soon as you notice cracks on your roof. 

Standing Water

Do you see ponding water on your roof every time it rains? It could be that the drainage system isn’t doing its job. You must deal with this issue promptly before water deteriorates essential components of your commercial roof. 

Loose Fasteners

Bumps on the roof membrane are a usual indication of loose fasteners. The membrane could require repair in the future if the fastener is visible through the material. 

Water Stains Indoors

Have you noticed dark stains on your ceilings and walls? It could be a sign that you have a roof leak. Schedule an inspection and get repairs immediately to prevent extensive water damage. 

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