Gutter Replacement Guide: Styles and Sizes

Gutters are available in a wide range of styles, colors, finishes and sizes. It’s important to choose a gutter style and size that meets the needs of your home and your local climate. Failure to choose the right type of gutters can lead to serious water damage that could lead to premature roof replacement.

Gutter Replacement Guide: Styles And Sizes

Here are some different gutter styles and sizes to consider for your home.

Popular Gutter Styles

Half-Round Gutters – These look like half-round tubes and are often seen in historic homes. Half-round gutters come in different styles, such as single-bead, double-bead and reverse bead. They are also available in various materials and can be cut to fit the length of your house.

K-Style Gutters – Featuring flat bottoms and backs K-style gutters are often curved in the front to look like crown molding. They are the most popular gutter style in the U.S. K-style gutters can hold more water than half-round ones, making them a great option for rainy regions. They also come in different sizes and materials. Your roofer can make them onsite to fit perfectly on your roof.

Gutter Sizes

Five-Inch Gutter – In most areas, five-inch gutters are sufficient. However, if your local area experiences regular, heavy rainfall, then you may need wider downspouts to allow your gutter system to direct water away from your home faster.

Six-Inch Gutter – Six-inch gutters are a good choice for homeowners that live in particularly rainy climates. Make sure to talk with your roofer if you believe that your home needs bigger gutters. To determine what size gutter you need, your contractor should consider the maximum rainfall intensity in the area, your roof pitch and the square footage of the drainage area.

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