Firing a Roofing Contractor

Roof replacement is a big investment and you deserve a contractor you can trust to communicate openly with you, deliver outstanding results and provide an excellent level of customer service throughout the project. What happens if midway through your project, you feel like you aren’t getting the service you expected from your contractor?

Firing a Roofing Contractor

You may need to fire your contractor and look for someone new. This is not a decision to take lightly, but in some cases it’s warranted. Read on as we share a quick guide to the reasons that may warrant severing ties with your roofer:

Contract Violations

If the contractor has violated any part of the contract, you have good reason to think about letting them go. Review your contract carefully, then talk to your contractor and show them the parts of the contract that they violated. Hopefully they will go above and beyond to make things right, but if not, you are justified in parting ways.

Poor Work Quality

This is the leading reason why homeowners fire their contractors. A good roofing company will stand by their work and only deliver excellent workmanship. If a good contractor makes a mistake, they will set things right at no additional cost to the homeowner. However, if you hired a contractor that doesn’t have the training, experience or the knowledge to deliver great workmanship, you might have a problem. When firing them, explain to them that you are dissatisfied with their work and that they have not honored their side of the contract.

When you fire a contractor, do it with respect. Focus only on the work and never on the relationship or the personality. Don’t make it personal. Always have your documents with you so you can use them to back up your words. Be polite, but be firm, as well. Before you let them go, find out from the contract if there are any refunds owed to you.

You can avoid such a problem if you hire a reputable contractor in the first place. It’s a good idea to vet several contractors before deciding on the one that deserves your business.

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