Emergency Action Plan for Your Roof

Being prepared for incidents that may occur in your home is beneficial. During severe weather, the roof is one of the parts of your property that can sustain damage. If you have a roofing emergency action plan, you’ll be ready to deal with the situation to avoid further damage.

Emergency Action Plan

Continue reading to learn more about the important measures to include in your roofing emergency action plan.

Why Is a Roofing Emergency Action Plan Necessary?

Like all other types of emergencies, roof damage must be handled quickly and efficiently. A lack of information on what to do during such a situation will cause delays in starting your roof replacement or repair, or in filing an insurance claim. This will cost you more money and increase your stress. By having an emergency action plan, you’ll have an idea of what steps to take to mitigate damage to your roof.

What to Include in Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

  • Be prepared. Roof maintenance helps reduce the need for repairs and gives your roof a better chance of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Regular upkeep of your roof is one way to ensure your family’s safety during and after a storm.
  • Perform a visual inspection. Following a storm, visually inspect the roof for any damage. Pay attention to the roof’s edges and other visible components, such as gutters and flashing. For your safety, avoid climbing the roof or going near downed power lines.
  • Schedule a roof inspection. Contact your roofers, and ask them to perform a professional inspection and document the extent of the roof damage. Proper documentation is crucial when filing an insurance claim.
  • Contact your insurance provider. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your roof and determine what will be covered. Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will work with your roofer to begin repairs.

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