Commercial Roofing Warranties: The Fundamentals

Any new roof should come with a solid warranty. This is especially important for commercial roofing projects. The warranty protects your investment and, by extension, your business. Read on as we explain what you need to know about commercial roofing warranties.

Commercial Roofing Warranties: The Fundamentals

Warranty Types and Responsibilities

There are two types of commercial roofing warranties: manufacturer warranties and workmanship warranties. Here’s what you need to know about each:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: This covers any defective products under specified use during the warranty period. Generally, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing defective products free of charge. Aside from defective products, premature deterioration also falls under their warranty.
  • Workmanship Warranty: This covers the installation of the commercial roof. The contractor will be responsible for repairing or replacing the defective materials they supplied, as well as the labor needed to rectify the poor workmanship that was initially done on the roofing project.

Keep in mind that you’re responsible for any roof damage costs not covered by your warranties. You’re also responsible for regular maintenance, so make sure to have your roof professionally inspected and maintained in accordance with the guidelines in your warranty.

How a Warranty Can Be Voided

You can inadvertently void your warranty by neglecting maintenance, failing to address damage or hiring uncertified contractors to conduct work on the roof. Read your warranty carefully to be sure you understand the terms under which it can be voided. If you have any questions about your warranty, ask your contractor for clarification.

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