Commercial Roof Inspections: 5 Crucial Areas to Examine

Roof inspections are critical in preventing costly roof damage. To ensure that your roofing system is in top form, an in-depth examination of key components of the roof is required, and this should be conducted by a skilled professional.

Today, Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ lists five crucial parts that should be examined during a commercial roof inspection.

Commercial Roof Inspections: 5 Crucial Areas To Examine

  1. Units and Penetration – Units and penetrations in a commercial roof include vents, hatches, skylights and HVAC equipment. While inspecting them, your roofer will make sure that any condensation from your HVAC system is draining properly and will check all the rain caps on the stacks to ensure they are not letting in air and moisture. All the seams in the units will also be inspected since they are responsible for preventing leaks in your roof.
  1. Flashing, Expansion and Control Joints and Roof Edges – Roof edges and terminations will also be checked for cracks or splits. This is critical because these are highly vulnerable parts of your roof. Even with a new roof, these areas can experience problems, which is why staying on top of inspections is so important.
  1. Gutters and Drains – Commercial roofing systems typically lack the slope that residential roofs have, making them susceptible to ponding water. Make sure to have your gutters inspected periodically; ensure that any debris is cleared out of the gutters regularly. Your roofer will also check the seals around the drains to ensure the water is going through the drain instead of around it.
  1. Surface Area – Inspecting the surface area of the roof is the simplest step in the inspection, but still an important one. Roofing inspectors will look for any physical damage form tools, hail, heavy objects or excessive foot traffic while walking around your roof. If your roof has sprayed polyurethane foam or coatings, it will be checked for blisters or layer separation.
  1. Defects – Finally, your roofing contractor will look for defects, checking for any small holes in the roof’s surface, wear and tear, or cracks that can allow moisture penetration. Alternatively, they may use an infrared scanner to detect any moisture on your roof that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

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