Care and Maintenance Tips for Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar shakes are one of the most attractive roofing options. Exuding a classic, Old-World aesthetic, cedar shakes add rich character to your home’s facade. That said, cedar shakes aren’t known for their longevity and many homeowners find them troublesome to maintain.

Care And Maintenance Tips For Cedar Shake Roofs

In this post, your local roofing contractor at Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​, shares maintenance tips to keep your cedar shake roofing looking and performing its best for many years.

Keep It Clean

One simple way to ensure the long-term performance of your cedar shake shingles is to clean the roof surface regularly. Twigs and branches can scratch and even puncture the shingles, while leaves absorb moisture and spread it to nearby surfaces, leading to rot.

Cleaning the surface also prevents infestations and the proliferation of mold. Though the latter is harmless to more modern roofing materials, such as asphalt and metal roofing, it can cause the rapid deterioration of cedar shakes. A thorough cleaning lasts between six to eight years and will help keep your roof healthy and free of problems.

Preventive Maintenance

On top of regular cleaning, it’s also important to invest in preventive maintenance on your roof. This applies to all kinds of roofs but is even more pressing for cedar shake shingles. Don’t ignore small puncture holes and leaks that look “insignificant” or “harmless.” A small leak can grow in size in just a matter of weeks and cause serious water damage to different parts of your home.

By investing in preventive maintenance, you prevent leaks and moisture damage from affecting the inner structure of your cedar shake roof. This will cut down on the amount of repairs your roof will need and will also help extend its service life.

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