5 Factors That Influence Roof Replacement Cost

While a roof replacement can benefit your home in various ways in the long term, it’s also one of those projects that require a significant amount of investment. Roofing companies have different rates for a new roof, but they all base the overall cost on the same factors. 

5 Factors That Influence Roof Replacement Cost

To help you make informed decisions, here are five elements that affect the final price tag of re-roofing:

1. Material

The type and quality of roofing materials you will choose will make up most of the roof replacement cost. They are, after all, the most important part of the project as they play an important role in the longevity, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of the roof. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest options in the market, but if you have more budget, you can opt for clay or metal roofing.

2. Size

During a roof estimate, your contractor will measure your roof in roofing squares. One roofing square equates to 100 square feet. The bigger the roof, the costlier it will be. 

3. Access

Your home’s accessibility is also another factor. If your location is remote or if there are surrounding trees that’ll make it hard for the crew to access your roof and prepare their equipment, then they have to take extra measures. This can add to the overall labor costs.

4. Old Roof Removal

Before installing the new roof, your contractor has to tear down and dispose of the existing one first. The tear-off and disposal fees usually depend on the time and labor it will take to remove the roof. 

5. Pitch

The roof slope can also affect labor costs. The steeper the roof, the riskier it is to step on it. If the roofers need to use scaffolding and safety gear to work on the roof, it can drive your costs up. 

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