4 Signs You Need New Soffits and Fascia Boards

Soffits and fascia boards support the overall structural integrity of your home. They give a soft yet vital touch to the aesthetics of your property and serve the functional purpose of keeping out rainwater, debris and even pests. Here are four signs that it’s time to replace your old soffits and fascia boards.

4 Signs You Need New Soffits And Fascia Boards

1. Cracked and Flaking Paint- The curb appeal of your home is not the only thing affected by cracks and flaking paint. This problem can eventually pave the way for leaks. Any roofer with good sense will insist that this is not something to overlook.

2. Evidence of Pests – Is there anything more troublesome than insects buzzing around or rodents chipping away at your clothes and food supply? If pests have infiltrated your home, then there’s a bigger problem you need to resolve.

3. Leaky Gutters – The fascia board holds the gutters in place, which are responsible for drainage of water. If not funneled away from your home properly, water can lead to rot and decay. If you have broken or leaky gutters, it’s time to call for maintenance repair from a roof replacement contractor.

4. Poor Ventilation- The soffit is supposed to manage air flow into the roof area. If ventilation in your attic is compromised, your roof will suffer in a number of ways, from poor energy efficiency to water retention and other issues.

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