4 Mistakes DIY-ers Make With Gutter Installation

A professional roofing contractor is the best person to handle the task of installing new gutters. Many homeowners, however, decide to take the DIY route in the hopes of saving money. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that cost more money to rectify than you would have spent by hiring a professional in the first place.

4 Mistakes DIY-Ers Make With Gutter Installation

These include:

1. Incorrect Gutter Placement

Gutters need to be installed in a precise manner to function properly. Even installing them a few centimeters off can result in water not flowing freely through the gutters, leading to water damage in and around your property.  Roofing professionals know how to calculate the appropriate pitch for your gutters and they know exactly where to install them–DIY-ers often don’t.

2. Not Being Able to Install Seamless Gutters

The appeal of sectional gutters is that they are easier for DIY enthusiasts to install. However, more seams mean greater chance of leaks. Seams are the first parts of the gutter that trap debris.

Seamless gutters are less leak-prone than sectional gutters, but they are harder to install for amateurs. Roofing companies have a special gutter cutting machine that their installers bring to the site for precision cutting of seamless gutters.

3. Botching the Pitch

Gutters depend on gravity to drain water, which is why they’re installed at a slight pitch. This pitch needs to be precise to ensure the smooth flow of water. Miscalculating the pitch even slightly can result in dysfunctional gutters, leaks and water damage.

4. Making Mistakes With Mounting or Hanging

The spacing between the hangers is important. Botching this can lead to gutters lacking support in places and sagging. Eventually, the unsupported sections will pull away from your home and possibly break.

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