5 Areas of Your Home to Inspect After the Winter Season

As spring begins, you’ll want to inspect your home’s exterior for any damage it might have sustained during the winter. Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ takes a look at the five areas of your home to inspect come spring.

5 Areas Of Your Home To Inspect After The Winter Season

1. Windows. If you have wood windows, test them if they still open and close properly. Moisture from snow or ice can cause the material to swell, making the windows difficult to open. Check for mold growth, condensation between the glass, peeling paint and wood rot as well.

2. Deck. After the snow melts, carefully inspect the porches and decks for sturdiness and discoloration. Inspect the wood for evidence of softness and water damage, as well as loosening boards that may need to be re-nailed or fixed. The deck should be resealed if it has become discolored.

3. Roof. Autumn and winter undoubtedly left piles of dead leaves and snow on the roof. Even if you recently replaced your old roof, make it a point to check for cracks, blisters and other signs of roof damage at the end of winter. It’s safer to inspect your roof while on the ground, but for a more thorough assessment, get in touch with your local roofing company.

4. Gutters. Snow and ice buildup puts strain on your gutters . Once the ice and snow melts, inspect your gutters thoroughly. Look for signs of sagging or loosening, and reattach gutter hangers or mounts if needed.

5. Siding. Are the siding boards still intact? To be sure, check for any signs of water damage. If one section is soft to the touch, you’ll want to call a siding expert to assess the problem further. Moisture may have accumulated behind it and into the wall structure. The arrival of spring is also a good time to clean your siding. Removing dirt and algae buildup is simple; all you need is a scrub brush and a mild cleaning solution. 

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