What to Know Before Building a Home Addition Above a Garage

Home additions are usually more cost-effective than moving for growing families or ones with changing needs. You will enjoy even more savings if you build yours on top of an existing garage. It won’t require new support posts, beams and concrete footings. Completing this project can also contribute to increased curb appeal. 

What to Know Before Building a Home Addition Above a Garage

Consider these things when building a home addition on top of an existing garage. 

Start From the Outside

How will your addition look from the outside? This additional space must blend effortlessly with the rest of your home’s exterior. You can tie the house’s elements together by choosing complementing windows and gables. If you are also replacing your siding, you can do it simultaneously with the home addition. 

Check the Condition of the Garage’s Structure

After you’ve decided what kind of addition you are building and what it will look like, the next step is to check the garage’s structure. You will need an engineer to assess the framing and foundation to ensure they can handle the weight of the addition. A contractor will need to dig holes to look at its depth and condition along the garage’s perimeter. If your home’s foundation can’t support an addition, it will need a replacement or bolstering.

Take Plumbing and Electrical Systems Into Consideration

Are you adding a bathroom in your addition? If so, you’ll need to change or extend your plumbing and utilities. This task isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if your wastewater drain is quite far from the addition. Working with an experienced contractor is essential, especially when plumbing and electrical systems are involved. 

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