The FAQs About House Wraps

House wrap is a moisture and air barrier that seals gaps and leaks in the OSB panels or plywood sheathing that makes up your home’s exterior walls. This keeps drafts from getting into your main insulation while reducing heating and cooling costs by acting as an additional insulated layer. 

The FAQs About House Wraps

To understand more about house wraps, trusted home exterior and roofing company Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ shares their insight:

“Do I Need a House Wrap on My Shed and Garage?”

While it’s not really needed to install house wrap on a shed, it can still provide a barrier that will help protect its interior and contents from heat, cold, dust, and moisture. As for your garage, the house wrap is usually added at the same time it’s added to your home during construction. It’s not technically needed for detached garages, but applying house wrap is still a good idea for its protective and insulating properties.

“How Do I Know If My Home Needs a House Wrap?”

This depends on your home’s construction method. It takes a professional exterior and roof replacement contractor to even know which type of house wrap is needed; using it incorrectly can compromise your home’s ventilation or cause mold to build up. Your home’s climate and local weather patterns will also factor into what type of house wrap is needed. 

“How Long Can It Be Exposed During Construction?”

House wrap is made to protect your home, but it’s still a thin barrier. It’s strong but should be covered up almost immediately during the construction process to prevent holes, tears, and other types of damage that can potentially reduce its effectiveness.

“How Long Does House Wrap Last?”

Since house wrap goes under the exterior siding, it will last almost as long as your home itself. There’s never any need to change or replace house wrap unless there was a fire or some other type of structural damage.

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