Key Things to Consider Before Knocking Down a Kitchen Wall

In kitchens where space is limited, removing walls is a common solution. It’s also a popular option among homeowners who want to implement an open floor plan. While knocking down a wall can transform your living space, it is not as simple as it seems. 

Kitchen Wall

Here are vital factors to consider before knocking down a kitchen wall. 

Type of Wall

What kind of wall you’re planning to remove? Load-bearing walls keep your home structurally sound. On the other hand, partition walls divide one area from another. They could both be removed, but load-bearing ones require more attention. It’s because they could affect the structural integrity of your house. If removing a load-bearing wall, beams or pillars would have to be installed for added support. 

Pipes and Wires

Electrical wiring or plumbing pipes might be beneath the walls you want to knock down. If this is the case, professionals must place the wires or pipes elsewhere. The process could involve the help of a plumber or electrician. 

The Levels Your Home Has

How many stories does your home have? You might need to hire a structural engineer if your house has at least two stories. The team will help ensure the structural integrity of your humble abode doesn’t suffer from removing a kitchen wall. 

Floor and Ceiling

Removing a wall could affect your floor and ceiling. You might need to have your roof removed and refinished if you have a popcorn ceiling. Meanwhile, hardwood floors are challenging to patch up after removing a wall. Sometimes, it’s better to knock down a wall when replacing the floor. 

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