How to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Older Adults

Your current bathroom may be enough for you. But if an elderly parent or family member with limited mobility moves into your home, this will require you to make a few adjustments in your spaces, particularly your bathroom. 

Bathroom Safe

Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to make your bathroom safer and more accessible to all your loved ones. Keep reading for a few essential bathroom safety tips.

Consider a Universal Bathroom Design.

The idea behind universal design is to create a bathroom that can safely accommodate everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. Thus, an accessible bathroom has an efficient layout that makes it easier for anyone to navigate the space. To accommodate wheelchair users, doorways are made wider, and toilet heights are adjusted. Vanities are often wall-mounted to provide knee space, and floors are designed to be slip-resistant.

Properly Illuminate the Room. 

Bathrooms are an accident-prone area, especially if they are poorly lit. Choose your lighting fixtures with care, and place them in a secure, strategic location. Your remodeler can help you determine the best location for your bathroom lights. You can choose from several accessible lighting options to make it easier for anyone to use the bathroom. For instance, you can get motion sensor lighting, lower the switch or utilize light-emitting diode (LED) color and light technology.

Install a Walk-In Shower. 

A traditional tub is not always the safest option for seniors or those with limited mobility. Instead, opt for a walk-in shower to ensure maximum comfort and accessibility. If your current bathroom has a tub, a remodeling contractor can remove it and replace it with a walk-in shower enclosure. You can also remove the existing shower stall and level the shower area with the rest of the bathroom. 

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