K-Style vs. Half-Round Gutters

When you’re working with a roofer to replace your gutters, you have two styles to choose from: K-style and half-round. In today’s post, we discuss the differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision.

K-Style Vs. Half-Round Gutters

K-Style Gutters

Most homes have K-style gutters, which tend to be more affordable than half-round gutters. K-style gutters look great on modern homes, especially those with angled roofs. 

You can buy K-style gutters and install them yourself if you’re handy with tools and know how to safely work from on top of a roof. But as a general rule, it’s always best to hire a professional gutter and roofing company to install your gutters. The reason is that gutters must be installed with the correct pitch to enable them to drain water efficiently and completely. Without training and experience, it’s easy to make a mistake when calculating the pitch.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters look good on rounded roofing systems. Older homes (those built before the 1950s) benefit from half-round gutters, which is why many home restoration projects feature half-round gutters. 

These are not a good option for DIY enthusiasts, as the installation is more complex. Half-round gutters need more brackets to keep them sturdy. They also cost more than K-style gutters. However, half-round gutters offer clean lines, especially for rounded roof shapes. They are less likely to clog and they’re also easier to clean than K-style gutters. Debris does not accumulate as much in half-round gutters so you don’t have to worry about corrosion.

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