Gutter Replacement: Why You Should Leave It to the Professionals

You may be tempted to go the DIY route for your gutter replacement project, but this is a risky endeavor. Replacing gutters isn’t as simple as many people think. It requires precise calculations to determine the correct pitch, placement and hanger spacing. Read on as we discuss the steps of a gutter installation project and why you should entrust this task to experienced professionals.

Gutter Replacement: Why You Should Leave It To The Professionals

Calculating the Right Slope

Your gutter system looks parallel to the ground, but it’s actually installed at a slight decline so that rainwater can flow smoothly into the downspout without any pooling problems. Calculating the appropriate slope requires taking precise measurements and inputting them into a specific formula. If this is not done correctly, it can compromise your gutters’ ability to channel rainwater away from your home. Instead of trying to calculate the slope yourself, hire a reputable contractor you can trust to do it correctly.

Picking the Right Type of Gutter

There are many types of gutters available, and not all will work properly on every home or in every climate. By hiring a trusted gutter and roof replacement contractor, you’ll receive expert guidance on selecting the best gutter style, size and material for your needs.

Accurate Hanger Spacing

Securing your gutter hangers requires taking precise measurements. Accurate spacing for these pieces is key to the effectiveness of your gutter system. If you decide to do the measurements yourself and your placement is off, your gutters may sag in some places. Over time, rainwater, snow and ice will collect over these low points, with the weight eventually becoming too much for the hangers to bear. The whole system may detach from your home and you’ll end up needing gutter replacement again.

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