5 Professional Gutter Installation Best Practices

The term “professional installation” is synonymous with quality. In this blog, Local gutter and roofing contractor Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​​ shares an inside look at professional gutter installer best practices.

5 Professional Gutter Installation Best Practices

1. We Use a Material Checklist for Every Job — Every installation job involves a thorough list of materials. A version of this list is included in every quote that we give our clients, also known as the bill of materials. This helps minimize delays by making sure everything needed for the job is in our truck before we leave.

2. We Perform Safety Checks — You may notice how roofing companies require use of safety harnesses when performing roofing installations. As both a roofing and gutter company, we make sure that our installers use safety equipment. In addition to safety gear, we routinely check critical equipment such as ladders, tin snips and various other tools. Our installers also wear safety gloves to prevent cuts from cutting gutter sections.

3. We Pre-Assemble Sections — Standard gutter sections come in 10-foot pieces. To speed up the installation process, we pre-assemble sections on the ground before we take them up to roof level. This helps make sure that every segment is properly fastened, something that’s a lot more difficult to do when standing on the roof’s edge. Also, spending less time on a ladder helps reduce the risk of injuries.

4. We Always Mind Our Measurements — Gutter installation requires precise measurements, which is why, during installation, we measure and remeasure gutter lengths, the distance between fasteners and the gutter slope. 

calculating the right slope is important to ensure efficiency. A slight miscalculation of the slope can result in overflowing gutters or standing water in the gutter troughs.

5. We Clean Up Thoroughly — We make it a point to clean up thoroughly after every job. We pick up every bit of gutter trimming and unused fastener and make sure only the gutters are the only thing that’s changed by our work. We also perform extensive quality inspections to ensure a quality build, as well as reliable performance.

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