5 Gutter Installation Best Practices

Taking the DIY route is fine for simple projects, but when it comes to a new gutter installation, the better idea is to work with a professional like Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​ That’s because this project, while seemingly straightforward, will always require precise workmanship. When you hire a premier gutter and roofing company like ourselves, you’re sure that our trained crew will observe gutter installation best practices. These include:

5 Gutter Installation Best Practices

1. Taking accurate measurements. We want your gutters to fit perfectly along your roofline, which means getting precise calculating of each roof edge. This task also allows us to make a more detailed and accurate estimate of material costs.

2. Sloping the new gutters properly. Gutters appear to be level with the ground, but they are actually pitched slightly–about ¼ inch for every 10 feet of gutters. This allows rainwater to drain property instead of cascading past the lip of the system.

3. Spacing the hangers the right way. As your trusted roofer and gutter contractor, Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​. will make sure that the hangers attaching your new gutters to the fascia board are spaced correctly. We’ll base this on the size of the gutters, and how much runoff they’ll be able to handle.

4. Applying sealant correctly. The sealant keeps your new gutters leak-free by covering their seams. We don’t skimp on the sealant when we install gutters. Plus, we always make sure the system is completely dry before its application as this allows the sealant to adhere properly and firmly.

5. Keeping your gutters seamless with the roofline. We install gutters so they mesh underneath the roof edge, giving your home a neater and more finished look. Our options are also available in many different finishes, so they’ll easily bend with the existing trim and roof color.

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