3 Signs Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

They may not be the most noticeable component of your home, but your gutters are still very important. If your gutters appear to be coming loose, you need to take immediate action to prevent water damage in and around your property.

3 Signs Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

Here’s a look at the signs your gutters are coming loose.

  1. Sagging. Your gutters should appear straight along the roofline. However, if you see a small dip or kink on one or more spots, this is a sign they are sagging. If not unattended, the sagging may become worse to the point a gap between your gutter and fascia board becomes apparent.
  1. Water dripping from your gutters. Observing your gutters while it is raining outside can help you determine whether or not they are coming loose. Water trickling from the gutters or pouring down the wall could mean one of two things: debris has collected near your downspouts or the gutters are no longer flush with the fascia board.
  1. Fascia rot. Water running down your roof should land and flow through your gutters. It isn’t supposed to spill behind them, but if that happens, the fascia board becomes exposed to excess moisture, causing it to rot. Eventually, the gutters may come loose and pull away from their mounts due to the compromised wood. They also pose a hazard to anyone passing by under the edge of the roof because they could fall off at any time.

If your gutters are drooping or about to pull away from your house, don’t delay addressing the problem. Sagging is an early warning sign that means you need to act immediately. To help you with your gutter-related issues, get in touch with the roofing experts at Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co.​. We offer high-quality, low-maintenance gutter systems that come with a protective coating that prevents leaves and animals from getting inside them, blocking the flow of water and causing problems. Give us a call (781) 826-7663 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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