A Quick Guide to Maintaining Cedar Decks

Popular for its natural rot and decay resistance, cedar is one of the most preferred outdoor deck materials. It doesn’t attract pests and stands up well against moisture. While it’s a long-lasting and low-maintenance option, it still needs some care to last long, stay appealing and remain durable. 

A Quick Guide To Maintaining Cedar Deck

Keep your cedar deck in top shape using these maintenance tips. 

Inspect Your Deck Regularly

Like your roof, gutters and siding, your deck also requires routine inspections. Doing so will allow you to catch issues while they are small. Check if the boards have damage or loose nails or screws. Look for areas where water has settled and address them. Excess water can contribute to the development of rot. 

Sweep It Regularly

Sweeping your deck every one to two weeks can help you avoid stains on its surface. Leaves from nearby trees can accumulate. When you leave them for too long, they will retain moisture and cause discoloration. Make it a habit to sweep your deck or use a leaf blower if you have one.   

Avoid Using Rugs

Rugs can add warmth and beauty to your outdoor living space, but they absorb moisture that could harm your deck. If you really want one on your deck, go with a rug made from synthetic materials or plastic. Aside from resisting water, plastic rugs also stand up well against the elements. 

Deep Clean Your Deck

Deep clean your cedar deck at least once a year. After installation, it should resemble a gold color and later turn to gray. You can either wash your deck manually or use a pressure washer. If you prefer a weathered look, you don’t need to wash your deck. 

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