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Randolph has been one of our favorite places to do roofing work over the years as leading roofing contractor in Norfolk County, MA.  One of the reasons is that the maneuvering through good transportation and highways makes traveling in and out of Randolph very easy.  Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co. is a Randolph roofing company for many years and we look forward to all the years ahead where we plan to serve homeowners around this area. We build great relationships one roof at a time and our customers show us a lot of love in our day-to-day activities. This vibrant suburb of Massachusetts is home to the Veterans and has plenty of parks and recreation facilities that comes into good factors when you’re thinking about raising a family. Contact Us Now! 


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There are a few other things that every family needs to feel secure and safe.  It starts with having a season proof roofing system which not just works as a piece of your house but a core company that dictates how efficiently rest of the home functions.Working in Randolph Massachusetts is a pleasure and we love giving the customers a free consultation where we like to explain everything that is going well and everything that needs fixing on your roof. Read Through MA State Building Code and Norfolk County Permits & Licence Applications!

Ultimate Partner for Roof Repair in Randolph, Massachusetts

At Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co., we do it all so we are not afraid to tell you what you don’t need. Whether you need a shingle to be replaced, a flashing vent pipe that needs to be repaired or it’s time to just get an entire new roof –  we will tell you what you need and exactly why you need it. It is not in our style to make the sale happen using pressure, we have homeowners call us back all the time to do work on an estimate we had given them months ago.  It’s our guests that they took the time to get an estimate from another amateur roofer who not only did not explain what was wrong but quoted them 2-3 times higher.  When we arrive at your home you know that you are working with the roofers that has been around be Randolph Area for a long time and is familiar where to get the best materials of the best prices.  We will gladly pass on our savings to our customers so they can feel a better deal on the way. Have a Feel of Our Roofing Service, Check What Others Are Saying About Us!

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