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As a premier Canton roofing company, there are certain responsibilities we have to take to make sure we provide the best quality services for our homeowners. The strong winds and heavy rain falls can be harsh on your roof, especially if you’ve got an old roof. In the winter of 2018, it is a little colder then the last two or three winters we had. A homeowner in Canton MA had received an estimate from our team and he was waiting for spring to replace her entire roof. But something quite unexpected happened, right after a strong snowstorm – she  found herself with over three feet of snow on her roof and the it was leaking straight into her home. She called Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co. and she was really worried that there is no way to make this replacement happened in the middle of the winter. Don’t Hesitate to Connect With Us!

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Our confident roofing contractors told her that we knew exactly what had to be done. The following day we gathered our crew members and drove down to our home, we shoveled all the snow off the roof and even the driveway. We cleaned every single bit of ice as well as unwanted liquids that had melted, the entire roof was replaced that very day.  We are flawless, we have step-by-step assistance to let us know exactly what has to take place for the best results. We strive to be the best we can possibly be, we invest an education for our contractors to know more on quarterly basis to make sure the latest technology in the market is intertwined with our pre-existing knowledge.  Cultural roofing is one of the most technical roof repair and replacement services in all of Canton Massachusetts. Read Through MA State Building Code and Norfolk County Permits & Licence Applications!

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Another common problem around this area is internal water damage. As time passes,  homes are likely to have little leaks within their shingles that lets water seep into  areas that is not supposed to. That water is very dangerous because there is no sunlight that can enter and dry it up. It is left there resting giving it all the time it needs to cause damage and rot away your shingles as well as the underlayment. At Mass-Tech Roofing and Building Co., we inspect heavily using our tools to make sure any such even small leaks are detected in our free inspection. We are often told by other companies and even homeowners that we should be charging for our estimates because of how useful it really is every time we get up on the roof.  Next time you have a problem,  give us a call and you will not be disappointed at the knowledge and expertise we bring. Check Here What Others Are Saying About Our Roofing Services.

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